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Zero Balancing Massage

Zero balancing massage combines the Western knowledge of anatomy with the Eastern understanding of body energy. Dr. Fritz Smith developed the theory of zero balancing only a few years ago: that the unobstructed flow of energy through the bones and joints of the body provides a state of balance, or health, for each individual. Every person is both a physical body and a spiritual body, as a whole. Dr. Smith felt the Asian understanding of life energy flowing throughout the body through specific channels or meridians was correct. As an osteopathic physician, he certainly knew the Western concepts of physiology and anatomy also.

A zero balancing massage simultaneously works with the energy of the body, and the paths it flows through, mainly the bones; and the patient is gradually brought back into balance. The zero balancing massage involves hand and finger contact with mostly bony structures, creating a sense of calm and wellness when the session is completed. At this point, the patient is directed toward a healthy state that includes physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being; the patient is brought back to “zero.”

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