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Qi Gong Massage

Qi Gong massage has its roots in the ancient philosophy and medicine of China. The Chinese believe the body is made up of two elements: the inner body of energy called the Qi (or the Yin) and the outer physical body (call the Yang). The Qi body is the basis of the physical (Yang) body. The Qi (Yin) and the Yang should always be in balance for optimum health and longevity. If the Qi is weakened, there will be an imbalance in the body and a corresponding negative physical or emotionalchange in the outward body.

A Qi Gong massage is a form of Chinese massage which affects the Qi body of energy, as well as the muscles and circulatory system of the physical body. To be effective, the therapist must understand the Qi channels of the body and then study his/her own Qi. They can then perform a Qi Gong massage and apply their own Qi to their patient, influencing recovery of the patient’s balance and health. Qi Gong massage is used to recover from stress, relieve many ailments, and maintain health.

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Qi Gong Massage

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