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Myofascial Massage Therapy

Myofascial release massage targets the connective tissue, called the fascia, which surround muscles. These bands of fibrous tissue establish interconnections of the muscles with other parts of the body, like tendons, joints, bones, blood supply, and organs. Due to injury or illness, these fascial tissues can become dense, tight and sore. Therapists perform myofascial release massage to loosen these tissues, increase blood supply, and stretch the fascial tissues which will increase motion and lessen discomfort.

In the process of a myofascial release massage, the patient’s overall posture will be examined to determine areas that are tight or inflexible. The tissues are then stretched, eased along the length of the muscle and then held for a length of time, from one to several minutes. This allows the fascia to stretch and become more pliable. For those experiencing ailments related to muscles and connective tissues (low back pain, scarring, fibromyalgia, arthritis, tennis elbow, stress injuries, whiplash, muscle spasms), myofascial release massage will provide beneficial therapy.

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