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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is an advanced form of Swedish massage, using the same basic strokes, but with heavier pressure applied slowly and transversely across the deep layers of muscle tissues. In this type of massage, the muscles are slowly warmed with regular massage before heavier pressure is begun for deep muscle work, delivering release of tension in the deeper tissues. Deep tissue massage is not a relaxation massage and is often aimed for treatment of muscle injuries, including tendons and ligaments. It will increase blood flow to the areas of injury or tightness and is frequently used for release of scar tissue.

A deep-tissue massage loosens muscle tissues, releases toxins from muscles, and gets blood and oxygen circulating properly. There may be slight discomfort during the massage and a short period of soreness afterwards. This is followed by improvement of the targeted areas.

Students of deep tissue massage will understand the essentials of massage therapy and will be led to develop their own sensitive and effective touch. Graduates will be able to identify problem areas and provide well controlled therapy.

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