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With origins in philosophy and in healing from ancient China that date back 4000 years, acupressure is increasingly recognized as beneficial and therapeutic in the United States today. In addition to its ability to create relaxation in an individual, acupressure can often cure various ailments, boosting a person’s immune system and increasing energy levels.

Acupuncture and acupressure both use channels (called “meridians”) which are present in fixed positions in everyone and which Asian healers charted thousands of years ago. These meridians form a network that allows energy to flow evenly throughout the entire body of a healthy person. When a blockage exists in the flow of energy, it creates acute health ailments, as well as many common problems. Acupressure is used to benefit the common ones.

Acupressure uses the same specific points used by acupuncturists (who can use up to 2000 points) in the meridians. The therapist applies pressure using the palms, fingers, or thumbs on many of these points. The result is a restoration of energy flow, thereby relieving discomfort and lessening the ailment. Studies are being conducted on the effects of acupressure on headaches, blood pressure, nausea, fatigue, depression, and pain management. Becoming a trained acupressure practitioner will allow you to embrace this ancient healing art.

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