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Physical Therapist

Career Description: Physical Therapists often work in conjunction with other health care professionals to alleviate pain, strengthen mobility and return normal function to patients suffering from disabilities caused by disease or injury. Physical therapists develop treatment plans based on a patient’s health history and then assist patients to strengthen muscle and flexibility predominantly through the patient’s own efforts.

Job Outlook: There is good reason to study Physical Therapy. The number of jobs for physical therapists is projected to grow faster than average through 2012. Based on advancing medical technology, more infants, elderly and accident victims are surviving trauma and health obstacles, and often, physical therapy is part of recovery.

Expected Income: Broad range from $50,000 to $90,000.

Desirable Personality Traits: Physical therapists need great communications skills in order to be able to properly educate patients about physical therapy treatment and recovery. Physical Therapists also need to be caring and compassionate. Good physical therapists have a strong desire to help others.

Schools to consider:

Career Diplomas - Occupational Therapy - Physical Therapy Aide
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