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Licensed Practical Nurse

Career Description: Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) work under the supervision of physicians and registered nurses to provide general health care for the sick or injured. Duties vary from the treatment of basic wounds to the taking of vital signs. LPNs also collect patient samples for testing and provide basic bedside care including feeding and bathing.  

Job Outlook: Jobs for LPNs are projected to grow through 2012. LPN jobs in nursing homes and assisted living homes are expected to grow much faster than average, while competition for LPN jobs in hospitals will remain tough. As more surgical procedures are being performed in physician offices and outpatient centers, there will be more job opportunities outside the hospital.

Expected Income: Broad range from $25,000 to $45,000

Desirable Personality Traits: Licensed Practical Nurses must be able to work extremely well under stress and high activity. Further, they must be equipped, mentally and physically, to work longer hours for certain periods of time. Finally, it is vital that LPNs are caring and compassionate about others.

Schools to consider:


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