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Welcome to our Feature Articles Section!


If you are considering attending Massage Therapy School, we want you to know as much about this career field as we do! A career does not just consist of your degree and your expected salary. We dug deeper, and we hope our Featured Articles will give you an indepth understanding and appreciation for Massage Therapy!

Prenatal Massage: Helpful for Moms and Babies 
Learn more about prenatal massage and the potential benefits it affords mothers-to-be and their babies! Understand the special needs of pregnant women and how prenatal massage therapists are able to accomodate women during such a physically and emotionally important experience. 

Getting a Job as a Massage Therapist: How to Market Yourself 
To begin your Massage Therapy career you need two things: quality and thorough training and job opportunities. In this feature article, we explore resources that will assist you in using your massage therapy degree to jumpstart your career. 

Should you Start your own Massage Therapy Practice? 
Have you always wanted to start your own business? In this feature article, we explore the possibility of starting a massage therapy practice. Find out about marketing strategies, the element of risk, and the potential benefits of owning your own successful practice.

Personality Traits of A Successful Massage Therapist 
It is obvious that proper education and training are necessary to become a licensed massage therapist. But, what else does it take to be successful in this line of work? In this feature, we explore common personality traits of successful massage therapists. Find out if share these traits. 

Learn more about the Active World of Sports Massage. 
Read more about Sports Massage - an expanding facet of the massage therapy field. Find out what is making this type of massage so popular and just what it takes to be a great Sports Masseuse.

Read our Interview with Robin Singh, San Francisco Massage Therapist. 
We think a great way to learn more about a career in Massage Therapy is to talk to a Massage Therapist! Thus, we talked with Robin Singh, who works and practices in San Francisco, California. See what she has to say about her career choice! 

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