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Interview: San Francisco Massage Therapist Robin Singh Lets you in on her Exciting Career!

Robin Singh is a San Francisco native who has trained and worked in massage therapy for the past four years. She currently works as a therapist at the Diamond Massage and Wellness Center in San Francisco, with a chiropractor in Brisbane and as private contractor to individual clients.

Why Massage Therapy?

I always used massage myself and friends have always told me that I have a knack for making people feel better. I truly enjoy helping people, making people feel relaxed, better. Massage therapy is therapy. The patient really gets something out of it.

How did you get started?

A former employer thought I would be good at (massage therapy) and sponsored my training. I attended the San Francisco School of Massage and studied Swedish and a little in shiatsu and acupressure. I received my deep tissue certification from Esalen in Big Sur and I have also taken classes in Trigger therapy.

What is your relationship like with your patients?

I know most of my clients on a personal level. When you touch someone there is a powerful spiritual connection. Your clients look to you for relief or change – something to make things better. It’s important to be empathetic and make a connection.

What advice do you have for massage therapy students?

Get your schooling and don’t ever stop. You can always get better. And talk to other therapists. They can help you with your technique. When you’re qualified and situated get ready to work. There can be some long hours and you have to be up for it. You need to have the right body mechanics if you’re going to work on five or more clients a day. Always be conscientious of the patient. They can tell if you are tired or just not into it.

What are the low points?

Massage therapy is fluid. At time it’s feast or famine. Be prepared for some frustration. You can’t always achieve the result you want.

Last word?

I love what I do because I’m a people person. If you want to be a massage therapist you need to make a connection.

Thanks Robin!
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