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Holistic Medicine

Career Description: Holistic Medicine underscores the need to view patients as a complete individual not just a physical entity. Emphasis is placed on the emotional and spiritual aspects of an individual’s health by examining the complete lifestyle of a patient. For example, it is a fundamental principle of Holistic Medicine, it is not just a patient's soar throat that is treated; rather, the entire person is treated-physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Job Outlook: The industry of Holistic Medicine, but so far it is not always regulated. Due to the lack of accepted standards for treatment, many individuals still shy away from holistic therapies. In order to be successful in this field, it is vital that you receive education and and training. Please Review our schools to learn more about your opportunities in this career field!

Expected Income: $30,000+

Desirable Personality Traits:
Holistic practioners believe firmly in what they practice. Often, they live and act as examples for their patients. Thus, if you are interested in this career field, it is important that you are truly committed to Holistic principles and that you are willing to use your own lifestyle as a template for others!

Schools to consider:

Career Diplomas - Occupational Therapy - Physical Therapy Aide
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