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Career Description: Chiropractors correct an individual’s physical alignment in an effort to support and maintain overall health. Borrowing from holistic healthcare providers, Chiropractors adhere to an inclusive therapeutic approach to diminish pain without drugs or surgery, instead using various manipulations and massages to balance the patient’s overall ergonomics. In addition, chiropractors may suggest various exercise and diet changes to improve health.

Job Outlook: If you are interested in this career field, there is great opportunity for you! As the consumer demand for holistic and alternative healthcare increases, it is projected that the jobs available for chiropractors will also increase faster than average through 2012. This is great news! This career field will also expand as the elderly population continues to grow and as more insurance plans cover this type of treatment.

Expected Income: Median salary is approximately $65,000.

Desirable Personality Traits: The education required to become a licensed chiropractor is intense and can be lengthy. However, it will be worth it if you are searching for a career that will truly allow you to combine your scientific skills with your compassion for patients!

Schools to consider:

Career Diplomas - Occupational Therapy - Physical Therapy Aide
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