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December 3, 2012

Scent is one of our most utilized and sustaining senses. Aromatherapy taps into this sense by using fragrant essential oils to heal and sooth, reducing stress and increasing energy. It is both an art and a science, historically used for medicinal purposes and now a professional science. Through the correct blending of aromatic and therapeutic oils, a therapist can affect an individual’s physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.


December 3, 2012

With origins in philosophy and in healing from ancient China that date back 4000 years, acupressure is increasingly recognized as beneficial and therapeutic in the United States today. In addition to its ability to create relaxation in an individual, acupressure can often cure various ailments, boosting a person’s immune system and increasing energy levels.

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Physical Therapist

December 3, 2012

Career Description: Physical Therapists often work in conjunction with other health care professionals to alleviate pain, strengthen mobility and return normal function to patients suffering from disabilities caused by disease or injury. Physical therapists develop treatment plans based on a patient’s health history and then assist patients to strengthen muscle and flexibility predominantly through the patient’s own efforts.

Licensed Practical Nurse

December 3, 2012
Career Description: Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) work under the supervision of physicians and registered nurses to provide general health care for the sick or injured. Duties vary from the treatment of basic wounds to the taking of vital signs. LPNs also collect patient samples for testing and provide basic bedside care including feeding and bathing.  
One of the more expanding and lucrative fields in massage therapy is sports massage. The specific requirements of an athlete require a specific type of therapy. Sports in America have increasingly become more competitive, intensive and taxing, especially within the amateur ranks. Athletes are demanding anything that will strengthen performance and quicken recovery.
Many recently certified massage therapists choose to start their own practice. And why not? There is an inherent freedom and pride to running your own business, the money is often better as is the prospect for growth.
Opportunities abound for certified massage therapists in fitness clubs, doctors’ offices, massage clinics, and in hotels and upscale spa retreats. Unlike other kinds of schools, massage therapy schools often provide job placement guidance services for students. This means that new massage therapists rarely have to pour over online job boards, bang on doors, or go to networking events. Landing a job is relatively simple.
Granted, the evolution of a woman’s body during pregnancy is miraculous and beautiful, but, it is also physically stressful. During pregnancy, a woman’s weight shifts and increases, her blood volume rises, and the pressure on her back and joints intensifies. Couple these physical strains with the surge in hormones coursing through a woman’s body, and it is clear that massage therapy is a worthy (many would argue necessary) part of a healthy prenatal regime.

Robin Singh is a San Francisco native who has trained and worked in massage therapy for the past four years. She currently works as a therapist at the Diamond Massage and Wellness Center in San Francisco, with a chiropractor in Brisbane and as private contractor to individual clients.

Why Massage Therapy?

I always used massage myself and friends have always told me that I have a knack for making people feel better. I truly enjoy helping people, making people feel relaxed, better. Massage therapy is therapy. The patient really gets something out of it.

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